"The week we spent in the penthouse of the Stargazer Villa was the best week of our lives! Everything was perfect from the hospitality to the luxurious furnishings, to the breathtaking views. Every minute was a dream! We will never forget our trip and really hope to make it back someday."

Scott & Dana Johnston
Universal City, Texas 

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Majestic Dream Vacation Villa with Panoramic Views

Enjoy million dollar views, convenient location, romantic seclusion and all the comforts of home.

Stargazer villa is built on the top of the hill of Schinias, overlooking the plain of Marathon. For those history buffs, this is the area where the famous "Battle of Marathon" took place during the Persian wars in the 400s BC.

The entire villa has 550 sq m (about 4500 sq ft) of living space in addition to over 250 sq m of balconies and porticos. The gas grill BBQ area is perched in the corner of the back yard, with its fruit trees rock garden and wild vegetation.

"It took us years to decide where to build our villa. We would come up to the hill during the sunset or sunrise and enjoy the serenity and beauty of the Aegean in the south and the mountains in the north. Sometimes, we would come up here to watch the full moon rising over the island of Evia, with the vast expanse of the Aegean simmering in the moonlight, the infinite number of lights from all the towns around the area in the distance, all draped with the incredible Greek sky and the zillion of stars! The feeling of peace and beauty of the area convinced us to build here. We have built a home that takes advantage of all the incredible views that the area has to offer. The villa's architecture is elegant and efficient. The Doric style columns that drape the balconies are a reminder of the history that the land and the plains of Marathon have to offer.

We were right! All of our guests have told us the same thing. They keep telling us that the pictures and descriptions are not good enough for what they find when they get here. Some of them come with ideas of driving around and eating out every night, to find themselves in a hurry to get back here and enjoy the veranda and the sunset instead! The Aegean coast is a short three minute drive down the hill, or a 15 minute walk.

We have tried to give you an idea of what it is like through some of our pictures. If you need more proof, we can provide you with the contact information of some of our guests for you to talk to, or you can read their comments in the guest section of our web site."


The villa is split into two completely separate living quarters the Penthouse and the Guesthouse. We will only rent the Penthouse for maximum privacy, however, if you need more space, we will gladly rent you the whole villa.

The villa is just a short 3 minute drive down the hill overlooking the beautiful clear waters of the Aegean where you can enjoy a fresh seafood meal at the local taverna, after your long swim.




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